New Orleans Chapter
Lorey Flick
Establish a relationship with a State's decision makers in Baton Rouge, emphasizing how we as ASHRAE volunteers can be a valuable resource for the State as energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets are discussed.
Goal of the New Orleans Chapter work with the Baton Rouge Chapter in order to have a cohesive approach with the desire to inspire improvements of the State Energy Office in the areas: 1- Energy Code Update to ASHRAE (Current code is ASHRAE 90.1-2007 only adoptedin 2011) , 2- Energy Code Enforcement, 3- Energy code training and education outreach
Separately from the State activities, New Orleans GGAC will make contact and outreach to the local leaders to discuss involvement in the Mayor’s resiliency plan to reduce emissions significantly in city buildings. The goal would be for the city to use ASHRAE NOLA as a resource for future considerations for resiliency, energy efficiency, and overall energy use reduction.